• Then we got an eCutter 2.0 for you

eCutter 2.0

Efficient, Electric, Ergonomic

eCutter 2.0

Quality and quantity in the same machine

The eCutter 2.0 cuts golf holes to perfect uniformity - each and every time, doing the least damage to greens and greenkeepers - and without much noise either. 

Faster than ever, the eCutter 2.0 now comes with four kinds of power sources.
The eCutter 2.0 is still the same unique and excellent hole cutter - We have just made it even easier for you to fit it in with your other machinery. 
Why have a lot of different batteries lying around, when one type is enough?

Ensures an ergonomic working posture. Protects the greenkeeper from strain to the body, due to the continous, forceful impacts.
An eCutter 2.0 has all you need included. No hidden extra costs.  

A Few Facts


90 cm/ 35.43" 
with blade


50 cm / 19.68"


9 kg / 19.42 lb


Does not strain the greenkeeper.

Battery powered

A fully charged battery cut 27 holes.

Output Torque

At least 100 nm

8 seconds

Thats how long it takes to cut a perfect hole. 


18 Volt

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eCutter 2.0 and its parts

A complete ePlanter kit is comprised of several combinable part, so you can get the perfect tool for the task. 

eCutter 2.0

The electric hole cutter.
Based on the oscilliating motions it cuts perfect uniform holes. 
It is ergonomical, protecting it's user from strains due to frequent wringing or hammering. 

Blade for eCutter

One type of blade is enough for the eCutter. 
The blade is sharpened both inside and outside.
And for the best result - keep it sharpened. 

Vacuum spear

Helps to loosen the more moist grass plugs when filling the old cup hole.

Bubble level

To make sure the holes on your green is always in level, the eCutter 2.0 comes with an inbuild bubble level. 

Depth stop

Why not use the eCutter 2.0 to cut the hole on the training areas putting green?
Use the included depth stop to make the holes more shallow.

Power source

eCutter 2.0 has been adapted to work with four of the most commonly used battery types.

So whether  you already use Bosch, DeWalt, Makita or Milwaukee in your workshop, we got the eCutter that fits right in

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    GOLFMACHINES is proud to hold four patents and offer eight products that strictly adhere to the Rules of Golf. Explore the future for golf courses with us as we continue to revolutionize the industry.
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