NEW 2023!

O-Disc extended ferrule

July 2022 – “Ruled to Conform to the Rules of Golf”

The O-Disc Extended Ferrule have three aims:
Pick up the pace of play.
Protect the green.
Please the player.

About an inch, 25 mm...
That's how much we've extended the O-Disc ferrule.

The top of the ferrule and O-Disc is then kept just below the allowed 3' , 76,2 mm*
This makes it a lot easier to retrieve the ball in the hole, because the player can now SEE that they can easily pick up the ball using only two or three fingers - just like a Pro. 

This means less digging after the ball and more, faster play with the flagstick remaining in the hole. 

And does the player choose to lift the flagstick; the bottom of the ferrule is still in the hole cup, when the ball rolls out onto the green - no accidental damage to the green.

* Requirements for committee approved equipment 8.1.C https://www.randa.org/roe/the-rules-of-equipment/part-8-committee-equipment-requirements

If the flagstick is leaning, what good is there to a perfectly cut hole?

Puts an end to “Leaning Flagstick” due to the patented ferrule fitted with O-Rings.
The O-System is “Ruled to Conform to the Rule of Golf”
High durability - long life
Made from light weight fiberglass and ash wood
Choose between three different types: Lite, Tour and Wood
Available in several lengths
Choose between white or yellow
Reflector insert available
O-Disc - the unique way to speed up pace of play and protect the green.
Chose between classic black or red stripes. 
Or ask for  customized colours.
Adaptable with several types of flags

The Complete Solution

The four cornerstones of  O-System
Protect the green . Please the players


Supports the ball. Yields to the green. O-Disc is designed to protect the green, whether players putt with the flagstick in or out of the hole. 

Leaving the flagstick in while putting - No more need to dig and grope for the ball. Just pick it up like a Pro; with two or three fingers.

Removing the flagstick while putting - no accidental damages to the edges of the hole or the green. 

O-Disc is an integrated part of the patented O-System, but doesn't exclude anyone!

The O-Disc extended ferrule, with all O-Systems benefits, is compatible with all European and North American hole cup standard systems. 
And should the O-Disc need to be replaced, it's easy to change it, without having to change the whole flagstick.

Available with all O-System flagstick and in boxes of 9 O-Disc Extended Ferrules 

Danish Patent 
PCT/Patent Pending

Patented Ferrule

March 2020: O-System ferrule is "Ruled to conform to the rules of golf"
Juli 2022 - O-System Extended Ferrule is "Ruled to conform to the Rules of Golf"

The patented ferrule is the core element of the O-System.

Sand and soil can erode a new hole cup very fast. 
The O-System transfer most part of that erosion to the two O-rings, prolonging the duarability of both hole cup and ferrule. 
And if the O-rings get worn out - they, and only they, are easy to replace. 

The design of the ferrule prevents “leaning flagsticks”. Not only is this visually pleasing, but it also makes it so much easier to putt, leaving the flagstick in the hole.

The ferrule also anchors the lite weight flagstick in the holecup, so they aren't swept away by wind.

US Patent: US7,959,516 B2
GB patent: GB2455199
Put a stop to leaning flagsticks
Seek, and you shall Range Find


Many golfers appreciate the addition of a reflector or prism to the flagstick. But probably not for aestethic reason or the added maintenance.
Couldn't it just be an integrated part of the flagstick?

Of course! So that is just what we did. 

With its aluminium core the integrated reflector gives the player a 360°’s visuel assistance, leaving the flagstick looking and feeling simply elegant.


Classic, durable and just the right sound, when tha ball is holed. 

With its plasctic  shell and metal bottom, the O-Cup is a sturdy and durable hole cup, that does not need much maintenance; just a  good cleaning from time to time. No flaking paint here. 

The reinforced bottom edge prevents the hole cup from sinking into the soil during the course of the day; keeping the hole visible thew hole day. 
Simultaniously sand is prevented from working its way up and into the O-Cup.
The Ball - not sand - belongs in the hole!

Introducing the O-Disc

Which is your type?

One of the O-Systems feature is the light weight flagsticks.

The patented ferrule makes it possible to manufacture very light weight flagsticks, which gives both greens and golfers some unique advantages.
Less wear and tear to the hole cup.
No risk of tilting. So no damage to the green by a holecup forced up and out of the hole.  
Strong enough to carry the weight of heavy flags. 
Lighter weight means less rebound of the ball hits the flagstick.
Player friendly. 
The flagsticks are easy to handle.
The flagstick causes only a minimum of damage to the green if accidentally dropped.

O-Tour Lite

Only half the weight of a standard tournament flagstick.


A wooden flagstick can, as not much else, add that special extra to a course. Not to mention the feel of it...
So Why Woodn’t We?

O-Tour Lite


Fiber  glass
Fiber glass 
Ash wood
White or yellow
Ash wood and black
5'3" / 160 cm
7′ / 215 cm
7′5″ / 230 cm
10' / 300 cm
5'3" / 160 cm
7′4″ / 225 cm
600 g
900 g
Base: 12 mm / 0,47″
Body: 16 mm / 0,63″
Base: 12 mm / 0,47″
Body: 21 mm / 0,87″
Top: 12 mm / 0,47″
Conform to the Rules of Golf
March 2020
March 2020
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