What good is there to perfect cut holes if the flagstick is still leaning?

    • No more Leaning Flagstick thanks to the patented O-ring ferrule
    • The complete O-System “Conforms to the Rule of Golf”
    • High durability and longevity
    • Made from lightweight fiber glass tube
    • Chose between 3 different types: Lite, Tour and Wood
    • Available in several standard lenghts
    • Choose between white and yellow
    • Integrated reflector available
    • NEW! Patent pending O-Disc ferrule. Protect your greens – please your players
    • Choose your own unique colour combinations for the stripes – or go with classic black
    • Can be adapted to different flag systems



Protect your Green – Please your players!

January 2020 – Ruled to Conform to the Rules of Golf

Flexible enough to yield to the turf. Rigid enough to support the ball. The O-Disc is designed to protect the turf whether players putt with the pin in or out.

Putting with the flagstick in – no longer any need to “dig” for the holed ball. Just lift the pin. Putting without the flagstick in – no accidental damage to the turf, when removing or replacing a pin with an O-Disc attached.

O-Disc is an integrated part of the patented O-System ferrule, but not exclusively so!
The O-Disc ferrule, that comes with all the benefits of the O-System, can also be adapted to fit all standard European and American hole cup systems.
And as with the O-Rings; if it starts to show some sign of wear and tear, just replace the O-Disc itself – not the whole flagstick.

Available with all O-System flagsticks or in boxes of 9 O-Disc ferrules.

Danish Patent
PCT/Patent Pending

Patented Ferrule

Put an end to leaning flagsticks!

This patented ferrule is the core of the whole O-System.

Sand and soil can quickly erode a new ferrule and hole cup, but the O-System transfer the vast majority of this wear and tear to the two O-Rings, giving the cup and ferrule a much better longevity. And when the O-Rings start to wear out a bit – just replace one or both of the O-Rings, and you’re good to go again.

The ferrule’s design also helps prevent leaning flagsticks. Which not only gives a much better visual effect, but also makes it a lot easier to putt with the pin in.

US Patent: US7,959,516 B2
GB patent: GB2455199


The hole is the goal!

Reflectors and prisms are, to golfers, a very appreciated addition to the flagsticks. But maybe not always so for their looks and added maintenance. So why not just make it an integrated part of the flagstick itself?

Which is just what we did.

Made with an aluminium core the reflector insert provides a 360° visual aid to the golfers, keeping the look and feel of the flagstick smooth and elegant.


The ball belongs in the hole – not sand!

Classic, durable and with just the right sound when you hole a ball.

With its plastic shell and metal bottom, you get a sturdy hole cup, where the only maintenance needed is a good cleaning from time to time. No paint that peels off.

Extra thick bottom prevents the hole cup from sinking in to the soil, during the day. Keeping the same visibility of the hole all day. No sand piling up into the hole cup.


The key feature of the O-Systems flagstick is their lightness.

Made possible by the patented ferrule these light flagsticks offers both greens and golfers some unique advantages.

  • Less wear and tear to the hole cup.
  • No tilting, thereby damaging the green when the hole cup is forced out and up of the hole.
  • Rigid enough to support the weight of heavy flags.
  • Lighter weight – less rebound of the ball.
  • Player friendly. The flagsticks are easy to handle and hold.
  • Only does a minimum of damage to the green if accidentally dropped.


Less is more.
O-Lite is the embodiment of that statement.

O-Tour Lite

Only half the weight of a standard Tournament flagstick!

O-Tour Solid

Solid, but not burdening.
If you just really want to feel it.


Wood can contribute just that little extra that makes your golf course stand out.
So… Why Woodn’t We?

O-Lite O-Tour Lite O-Tour Solid O-Wood
Material Fiber glass Fiber glass Fiber glass Fiber glass
Ash wood
Colour White or Yellow White or Yellow White or Yellow Black and Ash wood
Height 5′3″ / 160 cm
7′ / 215 cm
7′5″/ 230
7′ / 215 cm
7′5″ / 230 cm
7′ / 215 cm
7′5″ / 230
7′4″ / 225 cm
Reflector Available Available Available Available
Marking stripes Available Available Available N/A
O-Disc Available Available Available Available
Weight 490 g – 600 g 600 g 900 g 900 g
Diameter 14 mm/ 0,55 in Base: 12 mm / 0,47″
Body: 16 mm / 0,63″
Base: 12 mm / 0,47″
Body: 16 mm / 0,63″
Base: 14 mm / 0,55″
Body: 21 mm / 0,87″
Top: 14 mm / 0,55″
Conform to the Rules of Golf March 2020 March 2020 March 2020 March 2020