As of January 2020 ruled to “Conform to the Rules of Golf”

Protect your edges!
Please your players!

Flexible enough to yield to the turf.
Rigid enough to support the ball.
The patent pending O-Disc is an integrated part of the patented O-System ferrule, which can now be adapted to fit any kind of hole cup system.

To get your own set of O-Disc, please contact us or one of our dealers. Or, if you live in either Canada or the United States, order it here.

We’ve made a little guide on how to change your ferrule with ease.


O-Disc – Simply Works!

Damaged edges on the green a problem? Having to move holes a lot more these days? Want to speed up the pace of your golfers a bit?

You simply need the O-Disc then.

As an integrated part of the O-System ferrule , which patented design already prevents leaning flagsticks, the O-Disc let’s golfers retrieve their ball without having to dig for it, thereby risking to damage the edge of the hole.

The easy retrieval of the ball is also a great benefit to golfers, who, for some reason, struggle to bend down, even though they still love and is able to play a round of golf. Why not give them the chance to stay in the game?

The O-Disc is made of soft and very resilient rubber, in a shape rigid enough to support the ball, but so soft it yields when coming into contact with the soil and turf.
Yes, you can even step on the flagstick, without the O-Disc making any dent in the green… You, of course, shouldn’t – but it is nice to know!

It hardly adds any weight to the flagstick, and is so discreet and constrained, that it won’t trouble anyone, if the choice is to putt without the flagstick in.

O-Disc is part of the O-System, developed and manufactured with resilience, longevity and durability in mind.

The O-Disc ferrule can be made to adopt all standard hole cup systems, even those with a lock design.

Additional information


Ferrule: Aluminium
O-Disc: EPDM rubber


92 g / 0,2 lb