19. March 2020 – Ruled to “Conform to the Rules of Golf”

The visual expression and that unique feeling of wood can add something special to a golf course.
So we proudly present O-Wood Lite. A handmade combination of a classic wooden flagstick and O-Systems contemporary stability and durability.

The middle part of the golf flagstick is made from ash, with top and bottom parts in black fiber glass. The joints between wood and fiber glass is adorned with brass collars, completing the look.

The wooden flagstick is only 12mm in diameter at the bottom , so there is lot of space when putting with the golf pin in.

O-Wood Lite is available with integrated reflector – no more sticky tape or clumsy attachments.
360° target for rangefinders. Placed at the same height on all golf flagsticks, out of the way of the flag. Made so it becomes a part of the flagstick itself – both to the eyes and touch.

And of course it can be fitted with the O-Disc.