March 19th 2020 – Ruled to: “Conform to the Rules of Golf”

O-Tour Lite.
O-System’s take on the Tournament flagstick.
It’s diameter of only 12 mm / 0,47″ on the bottom part of the flagstick gives the golf ball plenty of space when putting with the pin in.
35 cm / 13,8″ up it widens out to Ø 16 cm / 0,63″ making sure the flagstick is easy visible.

O-Tour Lite can be fitted with a reflector insert – 360° target for rangefinders.
Placed at same height on all flagstick, outside the flag’s shade.

Tour Lite is for taking and making it easy and light. Only half the weight, but all of the feeling of a standard Tournament flagstick.
It comes with all the benefits of the O-System. And O-Disc – of course!