March 19th 2020 – Ruled to – “Conform to the Rules of Golf”

With only 14 mm / 0,47 in in diameter, it leaves a lot of space for the ball, when putting with the flagstick in.

Available with integrated reflector – no more troublesome tape or bulky attachments.
360 ° target for rangefinders. Place at the same height on all flagstick, out of the shade of the flag.
Made to look and feel like a part of the flagstick.

Made from fiber glass, with the same care and high quality as all our flagsticks – Making sure the lesser diameter does not mean lesser stability.

Equipped with our patented ferrule, that ensures “no leaning flagstick”, even on the western coast of Denmark.

The 7″ flagstick is optimal for smaller greens or greens with a strong wind load.

And O-Disc is of course available!